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Trend To Try: Mix And Match Wedding Sets

Rings featured: Sandy, Tessa

If there’s one thing we love to do here at BaubleBox, it’s mix and match. From two-tone metals to stackable bands, the possibilities are endless! And what better way to implement this jewelry philosophy than with our favorite piece: the classic wedding ring.

Though we have a plethora of matching bridal sets (our favorites are the Marilyn, April, and Sydney) and engagement rings (we love our Charlotte, Misty, Gwyneth, and Rachel) to choose from, we like to be bold and go against the grain. Instead of sticking with conservative sets (matching metal is so 3 years ago), opt for:

1. Mixed tones: 14k gold eternity bands + white gold engagement rings or white gold eternity bands + 14k gold engagement rings for a modern take on the classic.

2. Mixed shapes: Round cuts + baguette cuts + marquise cuts make for a luxe, bohemian look.

3. Mixed colors: Colorful eternity bands + white gold engagement rings to add personality.


 Rings featured: Tessa, Jackie, Caroline

Whatever the case may be, our rule of thumb is this: pick one statement piece (whether it’s a vibrant hue, elegant cut, or a metallic party) and pair it with a classic eternity or wedding band. It’s the easiest way to update your look without trying too hard!

Need some inspiration this fall season? Check out our Pinterest for ideas on how to achieve your new and improved (seems to be the theme this week) every day look! Here's a tip: We love playing with pretty much everything in our Essentials collection -- it has some of our best eternity bands (like our Tessas). Happy mixing, baublers!

Rings featured: CharleneJosephineKaitlyn

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